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  • Adult Skills Development
  • Business and Enterprise Development
  • Unlock and sustain winning partnerships
  • Phelang Community Centre
  • Adult Skills Development
  • Community Gardening
  • PROTEC & TechnoKidz Learner Education
  • Carpentry Skills Development
  • Educator Workshops (INSET)
  • Educator Development (INSET)
  • Sewing Skills Development
  • HIV & Aids Counseling
  • PROTEC & TechnoKidz Learner Education
  • HIV & Aids Counseling
  • Early Learning Centres
Empowering communities through development
  • About Us About Us

    We are a non-profit organisation, an independent educational trust and a National Skills Fund accredited provider. The Palabora Foundation was established to assist communities within a 50km radius of Phalaborwa to be self-reliant.

  • Our Programmes Our Programmes

    The Palabora Foundation provides an integrated support and education system that helps people in the community on their path from cradle to grave. Many of the programmes fit together to create a corridor of capacity-building.

  • Our Stakeholders Our Stakeholders

    The broad range of the Palabora Foundation's various partners and stakeholders bears testimony to the significance of the work that we carry out and the extensive collaboration required between us as we pursue our goals and objectives.

  • How can we help you? How can we help you?

    If you are part of the Ba-Phalaborwa community, the Palabora Foundation is here to help you. We provide support in all areas of community development from welfare and early learning all the way through to business and enterprise development.

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